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Sanatorium Devon Resort and Spa (f.Svetlana SPA & Health Resort)

Devon Resort & Spa sanatorium is located in one of the most ecologically clean and green areas of Moscow, on 16 hectares of pine forest, next to the reserved Elk Island, 10 minutes drive from the metro stations Babushkinskaya or Medvedkovo. On the territory of the Sanatorium there are two wells with natural mineral waters: medicinal drinking and unique mineral water of the Devon Sea, the healing power of which is similar in performance to the water of the Dead Sea, but much more enriched with oxygen and useful mineral substances. The hotel offers 100 rooms of various categories. In 2020-2020, there was a partial renovation of both the number of rooms and public areas.

The sanatorium is convenient for business travelers. On the territory there is a guarded paid parking. The restaurant of the sanatorium is divided into three rooms with a total capacity of more than 300 people. There is also an open veranda in the park area, which can accommodate up to 120 people. The restaurant’s menu offers traditional dishes with elements of «high» cuisine as well as lunches.

The highlight of the sanatorium is a SPA wellness complex, whose work is based on the natural healing factors of sea water, which is extracted from its own well from a depth of 1300 meters. The infrastructure of the sanatorium also provides plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities — this is a water complex with two pools and a phyto-sauna, a gym for physical therapy, a bath complex with a steam room, a large jacuzzi and a font, a football field, a gym.

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For business events of various levels, the hotel provides several conference rooms of different capacities — from 12 to 150 people, any additional equipment, and coffee breaks. The vast territory of the sanatorium also allows for major conferences and corporate events.

Other services at the resort include wireless Internet access, laundry service, and luggage storage.

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Kiev Restaurants

Restaurant «O’Panas»

In the restaurant “O’Panas”, conveniently situated in the very center of the city, in one of the most picturesque parks of Kyiv, you can revel in Ukrainian dinner uniqueness. The Ukrainian interior made in the country style of the 30s marks it out gainfully among the other similar places.

Restaurant «Seif»

When the night comes we’re drawing into a faerie world of beautiful life, life of glamour, famous people and dangerous adventures. “Seif” is a right place to meet new interesting people or spend a romantic evening. At “Seif” restaurant on its ground with soft ivory furniture and luxury ceiling lamps you can feel yourself as a real noble. It feels so nice to stay in the downtown enjoying the coziness of Kiev’s patio, surrounded by ancient buildings.

Restaurant «Pervak»

Ukrainian restaurant with 5 halls, each decorated in different way.Hall «Kreschatik» with amazing winter garden and unique antique decorations; climbing the stairs of 1902! Hall «Lypki» — bourgeois atmosphere of this Kyiv district, flower balcony, pictures and photos. «Bessarabka» and «Obzhorniy ryad» — entourage of XIX century cabaks. «Biblioteka/Library» — moulded decors, velvet blinds, fire-place, impressive folios. Hall «Lvivskiy» — ceiling view of Lviv, intricate sculptures and two lions — symbol of Lviv.

Restaurant «Rishelie»

Once upon a time a cozy presentable restaurant appeared in Kiev. It was given a name “Richelieu”. Very soon friends started to spend their spare time there, families – to celebrate their week end gathering and women – meet each other to drink Champaign or to eat “Shokolatissimo”, the most delicious desert in the whole city. It seems that “Richelieu” came out from dozens of ancient books, where each character has his own favorite place with quiet music, watching the life flow from the window.

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Restaurant «Tsarskoe Selo»

«Tsarskoye village» one of the first and best Ukrainian elite restaurants. He stands in the historical part of Kyiv, near the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The menu consists of traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Some food is prepared for recipes with culinary books nineteenth century. Restaurant repeatedly represented the art of cuisine abroad (in the days of Ukraine in India, the French Riviera France), has extensive experience serving governmental delegations, the diplomatic receptions.

Restaurant «Khutorok»

Khutorok is one of the tourist’s favorite restaurants in Kiev. A wooden paddle-steamer, moored on the Dnipro River, the restaurant is cozy and decked out in a Carpathian-style interior. The deck provides the perfect place for a summer dining experience where you can quickly forget the big roads, traffic chaos and general bustle of the big city. In the winter the restaurant’s fires provide ample heating. Shasklyk, green borsch and khrushchenky (beef roulades) are all on offer in Khutorok Restaurant.

Restaurant «Concord»

This top-quality Concord restaurant is located on the top floor of the Kiev-Donbass Business Center and serves an interesting mix of French and eastern cuisine. Concord Restaurant boasts an unforgettable interior and a great view of the down town of the Kiev.

Restaurant «Schekavitsa»

Shekavitsa is cozy restaurant in Ukrainian style. Located in very old district of Kiev – Podol on Kostyantynivska Street. The restaurant with very good quality food and very nice atmosphere. At Shekavitsa restaurant folk singing each evening at 7:30 p.m.

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Restaurant «Vulyk»

“Vulik” is a small cozy restaurant for all family with a warm atmosphere and traditional Ukrainian cuisine situated right in a city center. In “Vulik” restaurant the interior items were bought in tiny villages from grannies, who treasured their ancient receipts. Only in the village in the West Ukraine you can eat like that: table will be full with tasty things and the hostesses will still complain that there is nothing to treat you with.

Музей скульптуры на открытом воздухе (Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air)

Париж: полезная информация

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Метро станция Gare d’Austerlitz линий M5, M10
Автобус 24, 63, 89

Музей скульптуры на открытом воздухе — коллекция уличной скульптуры, расположенная на берегах Сены в 5-м муниципальном округе Парижа. Он открыт постоянно, вход бесплатный.

Музей был основан в 1980 году в саду Тино Росси для демонстрации скульптур, относящихся ко второй половине XX века. Он протянулся приблизительно на 600 метров вдоль набережной Сан-Бернар рядом с Ботаническим садом между площадью Валюбер и вокзалом Аустерлиц прямо к востоку от моста Сюлли. В настоящее время в музее находится более пятидесяти скульптур, включая работы Александра Архипенко, Жана Арпа, Сезара Бальдачини и Константина Бранкуси.

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