Апартаменты High quality new lakeside studio at top location, Ювяскюля. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

лечение геморроя без операции отзывы

Lechenie Gemorroya Harkov Udalenie Gemorroya V Harkove

Udalenie Gemorroya Operaciya Pod Narkozom V Permi V

Kak Vylechit Gemorroj Bez Operacii I Vozmozhno Li Eto

Lechenie Gemorroya V Atyrau K Komu Pojti Lechitsya

Lechenie Gemorroya V Chelyabinske Otzyvy En Klinik Operativnoe

Gemorroj 4 Stadii Foto I Lechenie 4 Stepeni Zabolevaniya Bez

Lechenie Gemorroya Diagnostika V Kazani Skandinaviya

Lechenie Gemorroya Bez Operacii V Ufe Otzyvy V Internete

Lazernoe Lechenie Gemorroya Vrachami Proktologami V Poliklinike

Prichiny Simptomy I Lechenie Gemorroya Vse O Dnr

Ryabec Dmitrij Nikolaevich Proktolog V Nikolaeve Otzyv

V Kakih Sluchayah Rekomenduetsya Operativnoe Lechenie Gemorroya

Lechenie Gemorroya Set Klinik Viva

Proktolog Kak Lechit Gemorroj Plenka Polimedel Pri Gemorroe

Sredstva D Lecheniya Gemorroya Nizhfarm Natalsid

14 Kartochek V Kollekcii Gemorroj Lechenie Metod

Operaciya Pri Gemorroe

Effektivnoe Lechenie Gemorroya Za 1 Seans V Medical Plaza

Lechenie Gemorroya Bez Operacii V Spb Sun Clinic

Daflon Lechenie Gemorroya I Boleznej Ven Egipet

Lechenie Gemorroya I Proktologicheskih Zabolevanij V Ispanii

Lechenie Gemorroya V Nizhnem Novgorode V Klinike Tonus Lechenie

4 Stadii Gemorroya Foto Gemorroya 4 Stepeni I Mozhno Li Eyo

Mazi Ot Gemorroya Kupit V Ukraine Kiev Dnepr Harkov

Lechenie Gemorroya Klinika Sova

6 Luchshih Sredstv Ot Gemorroya

Lechenie Gemorroya Za 1 Chas Dezarterizaciya Gemorroidalnyh

Lechenie Gemorroya V Domashnih Usloviyah Samyj Bystryj Sposob

Udalenie Gemorroya Lazerom Samoe Effektivnoe Lechenie Gemorroya

Otzyv O Pchelinyh Suppozitoriyah Lechenie Gemorroya Doma Bez Boli I Operacii

Lechenie Gemorroya V Moskve Ceny Na Lechenie V Klinike Gms

Lechenie Gemorroya Harkov Udalenie Gemorroya V Harkove

Operaciya Ot Gemorroya Cena Chem Zhe On Opasen

Продажа пентхаусов в Израиле, Тель Авив, Неве Цедек

Продажа пентхаусов в Израиле, Тель Авив, Неве Цедек

  • Город: Тель-Авив ▼

New tower with swimming pool ,gymnastic room , sauna, cover parking, 24/7
security and service
4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6-8

325 sqm, 4 bedroom, 4 balconies (300 degree view), 4 parking spot, smart
house, high end

This super high end luxury Penthouse custom built (2009)is very comfortable
with its 325 S.M (over 3,500 S.F) contemporary surroundings. It’s beautiful
and quiet aroma is one of the few places in Tel Aviv city where you can
enjoy an ocean view at a great height with the fresh breeze of a Tel Aviv
night. The penthouse is loaded with the most up to date technology allowing
for the user to have the maximum amount of comfort and luxury.
4 large B/R + 3 Bathrooms/great room, dining seating with custom Italian
designer kitchen (by BOFFI) fully equipped with Top line of S.S Miele
appliances -espresso- 2 refrigerators/freezers (Kosher
ready)-Dishwasher-Washer/Drier Etc..
The 4 balconies with a 300 degree of breathtaking view overlooking the
inviting beaches starting at Jaffa one of the world’s oldest port cites
filled with restaurants and shops follow to the north all the way to Tel
Aviv port.Terrace loaded with outdoor BBQ with gas line garden and feature
with running water & G fish.
There are 5 large plasmas available for your entertainment and comfort, with
a great home theater system in the living room and master bedroom, all
channels with subtitles and different language available.
An entire media system including, Lighting, Intercom, and Cameras are in
your control by AMX smart home systems as well as the 5 zone air
conditioning system, the heated floors, and the 20 motorized curtains to
make the home as light or as dark as you would like.
Huge custom built 2 meter aquarium tank for guests inspiration and
Swimming pool Sauna and Gym available in the buildings facilities, 5 minute
walk to the beach.
Designer well picked furniture with king size remotely adjustable beds in
all the rooms, Indoor parking for 3 cars with direct access to the elevator.

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Available for additional charge fully loaded black/black Cadillac Escalade
(attached Photo), and two most professional mountain/road bikes.
Guest will find the penthouse equipped with everything they will need enjoy
this stylish and luxurious experience as much as possible.

Area Info
Neve Zedek is the most prestige neighborhood in the Tel Aviv without losing
her pretty simplicity
Tower surrounded by many authentic top chef Restaurants/Coffee shops/grocery
shop/Bars/Night clubs/Theater/Galleries/art museum/unique boutiques/gift
shops/Historical building in the most happening pastorally neighborhood.
New houses that build in the neighborhood of Neve Zedek need to stand in the
certain standard and by the limitations of design in order to preserve
character of the place.
It will be no need to leave the area; guest will most likely find most
pleasure by walking around the neighborhood discovering new excitement thing
and events.
Within 7 minutes walking you’ll find yourself in the Carmel market with a
huge verity of affordable boutique restaurants any kind of a daily fresh
food, meet, fish, fruits and vegetables.
This location has transformed into a preferable area to go out by tourists
as well as Israelis.

Available on site new fully top loaded luxury 4X4 — 7 passengers Cadillac
escalate, for additional payment. (Attached photo) Also 2 brand new 2020
super professionals lightest Rd/Mount bikes on site. Penthouse will be
delivered clean and shine include Towels, beach towels, linen, down blanket
and plenty extra, available mad

Апартаменты High quality new lakeside studio at top location, Ювяскюля. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

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Phoenix International Media Center / Phoenix TV Beijing New Headquarters Updates

February 17th, 2020, 01:26 PM #502
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February 17th, 2020, 02:32 PM #503
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Now you have no excuse

These are the coolest triage trash cans I’ve ever seen.

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Beijing Agriculture University Library Winning Proposal / Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute

Architects: Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute
Location: Beijing, China
Site Area: 20,000 sqm
Built Area: 49,000 sqm (42,200s sqm above ground and 6,800 sqm underground)
Height: 30m
Books: 2,000,000
Seats: 3000
Parking Lot: 200 (166 underground, 34 on-ground)
Budget: 2.45 billion RMB (245,000,000)

February 18th, 2020, 11:00 PM #506
February 19th, 2020, 10:50 PM #507
March 1st, 2020, 05:09 PM #508
Sales Gallery and Showroom of Tian Yangbei Garden

Interior Design: BLVD International
Location: Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Honglei Liu
Design Director: David Perera
Senior Interior Designer: Jiayi Hu
Junior Interior Designers: Yachun Zhang, Huichao Liu
Area: 1300.0 sqm
Year: 2020
Photographs: Sun Xiangyu

Contractor: Skyocean Land Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd.
Lighting: Beijing Leuchte Lighting Design Co.,Ltd
Engineering: Spark
Landscape Design: Miland Design Beijing
Budget: USD 516,000

A unique piece of architecture with its prismatic shapes, irregular planes and undulating volumes, evoking thoughts of an untouched gemstone nestled in a garden, was the challenge presented to BLVD’s Interior Design Studio. The primitive and pure tension of a “rough diamond” was the inspired beginnings to the journey to create an interior worthy of transforming the energy within the three dimensional space and stimulate each available corner. The resulting interior is an interpretation of the “Diamond Lattice” – the carbon atoms arranged in variations of a face centered crystal structure – creating a dramatic, theatrical and sculptural space which manipulates light and shadow, solid and void and seamlessly integrates with the architecture.

The design language, style and the ambience of the Sales Gallery and Showroom promoting contemporary residential properties to young, dynamic and upwardly mobile professionals in their twenties and thirties needed to communicate the trend and the lifestyle that was on offer. Prismatic geometry which is strong, bold, confident and definitive, much like the traits that are needed in today’s professional world, reflecting the crystallization inherent in a rough diamond was the inspiration for this dynamic interior. Triangulated sculptured irregular surfaces – vertical, inclined or horizontal, fused together or free; whether used as a wall, window and ceiling or as a piece of furniture – defines, demarcates and dramatizes a strong visual identity and disseminates the initial conceptual idea. An abundance of natural light from all sides of the pavilion embraces the interior space creating further animated patterns across the surfaces as the sun moves across the sky.

The space planning is quite straight forward with most of the guest spaces located on the ground floor level and the staff and administrative spaces on the first floor with the exception of two VIP rooms and the showpiece conference room being the only guest areas on the upper level. At the entrance the guest is greeted at the model display with its overhanging triangular canopy and an inclined wall which doubles as the map exhibit, while to the left, the monolithic wood veneered prism like reception desk “grows” out of the surface of the floor and guides you to the main lounge space, the heart of the Sales Gallery, while the desk, now finished with the act of receiving, morphs into a water bar serving the lounge. When one finds their way to the lounge, the three dimensional volume of the Gallery also evolves unnoticed into a dramatic double height space embraced on all sides by solid and transparent faceted planes of the rough diamond. A conference room resembling a cut gemstone overhangs on the opposite end as if to notify the end of the journey or the final result of the lattice that crystallizes into the finished diamond.

Triangular lounge seating akin to fallen shards of glass, fragments from the creation of the ceiling, are arranged in a privacy encouraging fashion to assist with the serious task of negotiation. Polished chrome and white leather lounge seating and coffee tables, of a sophisticated modernist epoch, make up the remaining, more conventional, lounge space adjacent to the landscaped courtyard. Beyond the seating areas, forming a striking backdrop to the lounge, discreet VIP rooms are cocooned in sculptural, wood veneered enclosures providing a warm, secure environment that such spaces demand. The contrasting dark stripes in the ceiling with nestled lighting, define the sculptural facets while echoing the vibrant blue triangulated lattice pattern on the carpet bringing a touch of colour to the otherwise overall pure white space. Immediately to the right of the entrance the journey to the first floor begins via a sculptured conduit like stairs which seems to be carved from a single block of solid wood adding a touch of warmth and texture to the interior. Concealed edge lighting on the ceiling and the handrail, hollowed out of the side surface, guides to the guest to the VIP rooms and the main Conference Room on the upper level.

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