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Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс (Great Smoky Mountains)

Ноксвилл: полезная информация

Это самый посещаемый национальный парк США, расположенный в восточной части страны на территории штатов Теннесси и Северная Каролина, граница между которыми фактически пересекает парк пополам. Так как этот парк находится сравнительно недалеко от густонаселенных городов восточного побережья США, то и количество его посетителей зашкаливает — порядка 9 с половиной миллионов в год. Впрочем, это обусловлено в первую очередь богатством и красотой местной природы, а также туристической привлекательностью знаменитой Аппалачской тропы, частично проходящей по территории национального парка.

Раскинувшийся на площади в 2108,76 кв. километров, парк Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс является одной из самых живописных регионов горной системы Аппалачи. Самая высокая точка — гора Клинмангс-Доум (2045 метров). Аппалачи считаются одним из старейших горных хребтов планеты, так что здесь сплошь и рядом можно увидеть остатки древних пород. Территория национального парка практически полностью покрыта лесами, причем внушительная их часть была вообще не затронута хозяйственной деятельностью человека. Среди наиболее ярких представителей фауны — черные медведи, белохвостые олени, лисицы, скунсы, еноты, опоссумы, койоты и летучие мыши. Туристам же стоит опасаться не только медведей, но и ядовитых змей и клещей. Район Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс был объявлен национальным парком в 1934 годом и является единственным в США, посещение которого является бесплатным для туристов. Попасть в национальный парк можно через города Гатлинберг и Тауншенд (Теннеси) и Чероки (Северная Каролина).

Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс на google-панораме:

«LaimaLux Group»

Russia + 6 Latvia Lithuania Georgia

+7 495 545-01-10
34 / 1 Novy Arbat street, Moscow, Russia
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«LaimaLux Group» The company’s major fields of activity are Beauty and Health

«LaimaLux Group» is a dynamically developing group of companies specialized in exclusive brand representation and formation and sales of professional hair cosmetics, furniture, equipment and accessories for beauty salons, and also a range of natural and effective healthcare products.

First Representative Office

Opening of Representative Offices in Russia

Highly Qualified Employees

Start of activity

Start of activity

Aristocratic taste and sophisticated sense of beauty

The history of LaimaLux Group started in 1993 in the city of Riga, Latvia, where businessman Shiraz Mamedov and famous singer Laima Vaikule opened the first representative office of the company. We chose the most direct and clear way of development — working with beauty salons and gaining clients through result, skills and service quality.

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The company started its activity with Goldwell, professional hair cosmetics.

Hundreds of beauty salons and thousands of hair stylists from all over Russia gave their hearts to Goldwell – to perfection and undeniable quality owing to the symbiosis of Japanese technologies and German production.

This is our first and favorite brand we cannot but admire. But throughout the years our portfolio has been complemented by other equally significant brands with exclusive consumer qualities.

Exclusive Brands Made in Germany, Japan, Italy

«LaimaLux Group» is a multi-brand holding with exclusive distribution rights for the following brands:

Professional Hair Cosmetics GOLDWELL

  • Made in Germany
  • www.goldwell.ru

The brand Goldwell belongs to the top-5 of the world market leaders among professional hair cosmetics. Since 1948 till nowadays it has been working exclusively with hairdressers, which is reflected in the company’s strategy «We think stylist». Goldwell has more than 300 patented technologies and the best of the best in coloring and hair care today.

Hairdressing Equipment OLYMP

  • Made in Germany
  • www.olymp-salon.ru

A wide range of equipment and furniture for hair salons. Manufacturing since 1901. Numerous awards in the field of industrial interior design. Individual solutions in interior and equipment design.

Hairdressing Equipment GREINER

  • Made in Germany
  • www.greiner-salon.ru

Barber chairs and shampoo chairs. Family business in its third generation, characterized with honor and respect to the traditions of production since 1922. One of the brand’s bestsellers – contemporary witness of the 70-s – is a barber chair, model 903.

Hairdressing Equipment ARTECNO

  • Made in Italy

A wide range of salon trolleys, manicure tables and various accessories for stylists and beauticians. Artecno is a successful combination of Italian quality, utility and modern design.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors TOGIYA

  • Made in Japan
  • www.togiya.ru

One of the few genuine brands of hairdressing scissors from Japan. Manual assembly, grinding and quality control. From budget to limited models made of Damascus steel. The optimum ratio of technology, price and quality since 1965.

Photo Catalogues for Stylists HIGHLIGHTS AND MEN

  • Editorial office: Australia, UK

Photo catalogues for stylists. More than a hundred glossy pages with inspiring images, which demonstrate inseparability of working with hair from fashion and style. Periodicity is 2 times a year. International editorial office is in Australia / United Kingdom.

Healthcare Products KENRICO

  • Made in Japan
  • www.zeolux.ru

Kenrico is a Global Pharmaceutical Holding, founded in 1985, with a scientific-research orientation. Production of traditional Japanese human health recovering means. The efficiency of the technologies is confirmed by dozens of patents and clinical researches in Japan, the USA and Europe.

Healthcare Products SALCURA

  • Made in the UK
  • www.salcura.ru

The Salcura company was founded in 2002. Having a goal to obtain leading positions at the world market among skin care means, the company has developed a number of natural products that can change people’s lives for better.

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Healthcare Products RE-CODE

  • Made in Italy
  • www.prorecode.ru

Re-Code is an innovative means for weight control of the III generation. The patented formula based on natural phytoestrogen. Clinical efficiency researches. The manufacturer is a pharmaceutical company «Zuccari», Italy.

Would You Like to Purchase?

Would You Like to Purchase? Only the best and exclusive products for health and beauty

Only the best and exclusive products are sold in our online boutique YourSecrets.ru. Their quality is recognized by experts from all over the world.

And today we offer these products to You!

Pharmaceutical license FS-99-02-001486 issued in 2020 confirms compliance with state standards and requirements to wholesale trade, warehousing and logistics of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Are You a Hair Stylist?

Are You a Hair Stylist?

Color Zoom is an event which unites hair stylists from more than 50 world countries!

It is a hair stylist who is in the heart of the Color Zoom project founded by Goldwell 10 years ago. Today it includes various directions: an international competition, trends in haircuts, colors and hairstyles, and also shows, seminars and master classes all over Russia.

Our participants have kept the Russian traditions in creating beauty and hairdressing masterpieces for several years in a row: they won «Gold ― 2020, 2020», «Silver ― 2020» и «Bronze ― 2020» in different nominations.

Join the club of like-minded people!
We know how to make Champions!

Education in «LaimaLux Academy»

Education in «LaimaLux Academy» Seminars and trainings for hairdressers, stylists, salon receptionists and salon owners

Over 30 professional trainers
7 educational studios
60 various seminars

«LaimaLux Academy» is LaimaLux Group’s subdivision which offers a wide range of seminars and trainings for hairdressers, stylists, salon receptionists and salon owners.

Service support

programs of service support for beauty salons

Product usage

educational seminars on product usage techniques

Master classes

advanced trainings on new trends in haircuts and color


international coloristics program for hairdressers

Seminars for beauty salon owners

seminars on effective salon management and development

Why should you choose «LaimaLux Group»?

Why should you choose «LaimaLux Group»?

Marketing, sales, logistics, finance, education

Well-known successful company

a well-known successful company in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia with the reputation of a reliable partner

Experience, knowledge and ideas for further development

support for your business from «A to Z»: marketing, sales, logistics, finance, education

Approach and professionalism

individual approach, constant staff training, education and knowledge improvement

Perfect service and high-quality products

professional high-quality products, regular product range extension

affordable education and variety of educational programs for our clients in our Academies

Our Clients

We contribute to world-class results

Beauty salons

beauty salons in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia
more than 3000 active clients

Pharmacy chains / Pharmacies

pharmacy chains and pharmacies
more than 2000 sales points

Specialized centers

cosmetic clinics, fitness centers, medical centers

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Shopping centers

«GUM», «TSUM», «Vesna», «Petrovsky Passage» and other shopping centers

Online shops

online shops offering products for beauty and health

Our Vip Clients

Our Vip Clients

We appreciate our clients’ trust

company founder and partner

celebrities of television and cinema, singers and theatre actors

Popular TV shows and projects

«Fabrika Zvezd» (Star Factory), «Narodny Artist» (People’s Artist), «Dve Zvezdy» (Two Stars), «Lednikovy Period» (Ice Age) and others

Main Russian TV channels

«Channel one», «Russia», «NTV» and others

The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

international song contest

XXII Winter Olympic Games

international sports competition held in the city of Sochi (Russia)

Our values which form the character of our activity

the basis of our organization is mutual trust

Knowledge and skills

we are striving for developing our knowledge in order to constantly improve our competitiveness

Orientation on people

we motivate our employees and thus provide the highest level of service to our clients

our clients are in the center of our business model

Gemba Kaizen Way

every day we improve ourselves and our company

Representative offices in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia

The representative offices of «LaimaLux Group» are located in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia. We also cooperate with a large number of distributors all over Russia, in Kazakhstan, Belarus and the EAEC countries.

Riga Vilnius Tbilisi
Moscow Saint Petersburg Ekaterinburg Samara Krasnodar Kaliningrad

34 / 1 Novy Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia

Contact Us

The representative offices of «LaimaLux Group» are located in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia.

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