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A million-plus city on the Volga riverbanks

On the Volga river-bank, there is spread out a large and beautiful million-plus city, the Russia’s 6th largest in population, a transportation hub connecting Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia. And all this is Samara.

The city’s history numbers more than 400 years and begins from the time, when the tsar ordered to build a fortress named “Samara Township” on a hill near the river. The fortress was developing, and within a hundred years, in the year 1688, it gained the status of a city, and became an important military and trade center on the Russia’s southern borders. The city, developing thanks to trade and wheat growing, gradually turned into a province-level administrative center. In the middle of the XX century, during the Great Patriotic War, Samara, known as Kuybyshev at the time, became one of the strongholds of the home front: hundreds of Soviet people were evacuated there; the local factories were reorganized for military aircraft production and provided the front with fuel. After the war, the city has retained the status of the giant of aircraft engineering and later on, has developed as a missile manufacturer.

Today Samara’s population exceeds 1.2 million people, or 2.5 million including its suburbs. The major part of the population is Russians — 90 %, the rest are Tatars, Ukrainians, Chuvash, etc. That is why Samara is a multi-confessional city: there are many Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant churches as well as that of the Old Believers, Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues and other religious institutions.

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The city is located on a hill on the Volga left river-bank, where a small river Samara, which gave it a name, meets Volga. The Samara’s highest point is a small mountain Tip-Tyav rising to 286 meters. The climate is moderately continental, the most part of the rainfall occurs in June, July and September. The absolute maximum temperature registered in Samara was +40 in the summer (2020), and -43 in winter (1942). However, the average temperature and air humidity are quite comfortable.

Samara is not just a regional center with shops, factories and road interchanges, but a city with rich and unique history. The city has many attractions, historic buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, various monuments and parks. Rich merchants and patrons of arts built there temples, asylums, private residences, which today make up the rich heritage of Samara architecture. Its Kuibyshev Square is the largest one in Europe. Among the monuments and sculptures there are not only the monuments to Russian prominent figures, but also the ones to pieces of equipment, such as the monument to a heating radiator, IL -2 stormovik of World War II — and many others. In addition, the city’s suburbs are notable for many historical and natural attractions with a gradually expanding tourist infrastructure to meet the needs.

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And finally, it is worth to mention the urban legends of Samara. According to one of them, under Samara there are tunnels leading to the other side under the Volga, as well as different bunkers. By the way, bunkers really exist, for example, a bunker for Stalin was built during World War II. Another popular legend is the story of “Stone Zoya” or “Zoya’s standing”. The legend has it, that a girl by name Zoya started dancing with an icon on a New Year’s night, and got petrified. And when the icon was forcedly pulled out of her hands, she came to life. Two movies were shot based on this legend.

Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс (Great Smoky Mountains)

Ноксвилл: полезная информация

Это самый посещаемый национальный парк США, расположенный в восточной части страны на территории штатов Теннесси и Северная Каролина, граница между которыми фактически пересекает парк пополам. Так как этот парк находится сравнительно недалеко от густонаселенных городов восточного побережья США, то и количество его посетителей зашкаливает — порядка 9 с половиной миллионов в год. Впрочем, это обусловлено в первую очередь богатством и красотой местной природы, а также туристической привлекательностью знаменитой Аппалачской тропы, частично проходящей по территории национального парка.

Раскинувшийся на площади в 2108,76 кв. километров, парк Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс является одной из самых живописных регионов горной системы Аппалачи. Самая высокая точка — гора Клинмангс-Доум (2045 метров). Аппалачи считаются одним из старейших горных хребтов планеты, так что здесь сплошь и рядом можно увидеть остатки древних пород. Территория национального парка практически полностью покрыта лесами, причем внушительная их часть была вообще не затронута хозяйственной деятельностью человека. Среди наиболее ярких представителей фауны — черные медведи, белохвостые олени, лисицы, скунсы, еноты, опоссумы, койоты и летучие мыши. Туристам же стоит опасаться не только медведей, но и ядовитых змей и клещей. Район Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс был объявлен национальным парком в 1934 годом и является единственным в США, посещение которого является бесплатным для туристов. Попасть в национальный парк можно через города Гатлинберг и Тауншенд (Теннеси) и Чероки (Северная Каролина).

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Грейт-Смоки-Маунтинс на google-панораме:

Жигулевска Hotels (Samara region)

Population: 0,055 million (2020)

Founded in: 1949

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -15° to -3° in winter, 13° to 24° in summer

Area code: +7 (84862)

Train stations: Zhigulyovsk

Bus stations: Zhigulyovsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St. John of Kronstadt Church, Our Lady of Vladimir Church

Architectural landmarks: Zhigulyovsk Hydro Power Plant, City Art School building, Oil and Gas Office building

Statues and memorials: F.I. Tkachev, Soldier-Liberator, Victims of the Great Patriotic War

Museums: «Samarskaya Luka» Local Lore and History Museum

House museums: I.E. Repin House Museum

Theatres: «Zhigulevskaya Skazka» Theatre Museum

Natural sites and parks: I.I. Sprygin State Reserve, «Samarskaya Luka» National Park, City Culture and Recreation Park

Expo centres: «Narodnaya Galereya» Exhibition Centre

Sports venues and clubs: «Kristall» Stadium, «Trud» Stadium, «Atlant» Sports Complex

Performance sites: Zhigulevsk Culture Palace, «Yubileinyi» Culture Palace, «Luch» City Culture Centre, «Neftyanik» Culture Centre

Entertainment sites: Children and Youth Culture and Leisure Centre

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