Апартаменты Good MorningHouse, Такаяма. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

Апартаменты Good Mood Living, Берлин

  • Местоположение 7.5
  • Удобства 5.4
  • Чистота и комфорт 6.1
  • Персонал 6.7
  • Цена 6.3

Отель Good Mood Living на карте Берлин

Приехал в этот отель в районе 9 вечера. Не нашел никого из персонала. Подъезд темный, бродил в темноте, пытался найти кого-то. Звонил несколько раз по телефону — никто не отвечает. Указано, что если никого нет, то ключи лежат в каком-то кафе рядом с отелем. Подобного кафе с таким названием рядом не было. Пришлось обзванивать всех коллег, чтобы они помогли мне найти срочно другое место. В итоге не заселился.


36° 8.9909 ′N , 137° 14.9762 ′E
36.14985N, 137.24960E
36°8′59.46″N, 137°14′58.57″E

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В этот список попадают авторы, набравшие наибольший рейтинг за материалы о Такаяме.

Holiday in Prague

Prague — a city — a fairy tale , one of the most beautiful European capitals . She is so mesmerizing travelers , no matter how much time there did not spend tourists will still feel that this is not enough .

Holidays in Prague — this exciting tours that introduce visitors to the Czech capital with its history , and a leisurely stroll through the ancient streets with an almost fabulous houses with tiled roofs . Prague attracts lovers of good food : pork knuckle and the famous Czech beer of excellent quality will make your stay more pleasant .
Every tourist coming to the Czech capital , concerned about the question : where to stay in Prague?
Increasingly, travelers from different countries prefer to stay in Prague.
This is quite economical and comfortable option of temporary residence , but because he is very popular. Usually travel agencies offer their clients to stay in hotels . And those travelers who plan to stay in Prague without travel agencies, perfect way to stay in Prague apartments .
The main advantage of such placement would be the price. Because the cost of the hotel room a good level is high enough , and accommodation in apartments will save significantly . Particularly noticeable benefit in long-term ( more than a week ) journey. Very conveniently located in an apartment or a large family friendly company . For such a stay at the hotel will need to remove a few rooms that are not always convenient, and expensive.

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Apartments can also be designed for a large number of guests , you only see this in advance , so that later there were no misunderstandings.
Another important advantage of the apartment — a cozy , as close to home , decor . Tourists who prefer individual holidays in Prague , like to plan their leisure time. Having a well- equipped kitchen will allow for breakfast, lunch and dinner , not being tied to a strict routine of Hospitality . In addition, some travelers are very important to be able to cook for themselves , for example, for those traveling with children.

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Sightseeing holiday in Prague includes visits to many attractions . For the convenience of travelers most of the apartments are located in the central part of the city or in places with easy access to major tourist spots. And this is another reason to book it apartments in Prague .
What to do in Prague reviews almost always enthusiastic . After all, this is an opportunity to see the capital of the Czech Republic , to touch its culture and history , visit the cozy restaurants and famous pubs. Most likely, everyone who was in Prague, wants to return there again and again .

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