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Термы Агриппы (Terme Agrippae)

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Метро Barberini

Термы Агриппы — первые римские термы, построенные Марком Випсанием Агриппой — зятем и наследником императора Августа в 12 году до н. э. В 25–19 годах до н. э. Агриппа также построил акведук Аква Вирго, вода из которого питала термы. По приказу Агриппы термы украсили произведениями искусства и богатыми орнаментальными настенными росписями.

Термы Агриппы сильно пострадали во время римского пожара 80 года, но были восстановлены и расширены Адрианом. Начиная с VII века, комплекс терм Агриппы стал приходить в упадок, его здание разобрали на строительные материалы, однако значительная часть античных руин сохранилась и до сих пор. Развалины терм прославили знаменитые художники Андреа Палладио и Бальдассаре Перуцци, запечатлевшие их на своих полотнах.

Апартаменты Feels like Home Helmi, Ювяскюля. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

Location was stunning, bedrooms and bathrooms were very comfortable — we really liked them. Hotel was very quiet at the start of May, staff were very helpful. Only thing I would say is the food was OK, not great, quantities were massive but quality was not high, sometimes cold, not what you would expect.

We had a great four night stay towards the end of the season.

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The staff were all fantastic — great personalities and great service (particularly when my camera broke and they gave us a bag of rice to salvage it, and when I got attacked by caterpillars on a sunbed on another part of the beach!)

The rooms are spacious, clean and the beds are very comfortable. It is also great being so close to the beach.

Would recommend a stay at the thaproban beach house to anyone travelling to unawatuna.

The first thing i cant forget about my experience in this hotel is the great service we received from the hotel staff.. very helpful, smiley and proactive. especially the lady is the reception Miss Nuwani. she was very helpful in changing our room to a better one next to the pool..she also proposed to us a full 5 days schedule/road trip with a driver that covers most of Srilanka «must visit» places.
we did the trip. and it was amazing. we were able to see most of Srilanka great places and the driver was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Other than that, the hotel is beautiful, clean, with pool, restaurant (food is good) and is walking distance from the beach.
definitely we will come back

Arriving by seaplane on Koggala lake, we were greeted by the driver arranged by Lakeview and were at the villa within 10 minutes. We were met by Ken and shown around the fabulous property. Before leaving the UK we were contacted by Ken to arrange our first night’s meal. Sonali cooked an unbelievable Sri Lankan meal and further meals were just as amazing. Much to our surprise our 7 year old ate every meal with gusto. Whilst not a fussy eater, he would not eat rice prior to our trip but from the first meal he devoured each meal cooked by Sonali -including rice! The staff at the villa were outstanding and we believe it is the quality and attention of the staff which makes Lakeview villa such as special destination.
We are a family of four, with 7 and 11 year olds, and prior to booking we discussed the possibility of moving beds so that our children could share a twin room next to the main bedroom. Ken said this was no problem and the rooms were set up as promised for our arrival. Whilst the villa’s floor plan is perfect for multiple couples or extended families travelling together, two of the rooms are accessed from the exterior so may not be suitable for smaller children to use alone.
As mentioned previously, the food was amazing -I cook from scratch regularly and have high standards but I have never eaten such outstanding food on holiday.
Given the remote location of the villa it was very helpful to have Lasantha, Sonali’s husband, available to take us out in their car to visit Galle and MIrissa. These trips were very reasonably priced and offered far more comfort and safety than the local tuk-tuks. TukTuks were fine for the shorter trip to the beach and were arranged by Sonali giving us reassurance.
Mosquitoes were prevented by nets over all beds, aswell as coils and plug-ins. Pool was great and jus as good as the photos suggest. Gardens well maintained by Raja. Air-conditioned Cinema room a welcome retreat at times with a good selection of movies and decent equipment.
During the times that staff were around the house we enjoyed their company and felt most at ease, chatting at length with Sonali about food and Sri Lankan culture. They were attentive when around but gave us space and privacy at other times. We truly felt that we were staying with friends and were very sad to leave them at the end of our stay. Sonali’s previous experience as a nanny clearly shows as she was fantastic with our children.
If you are looking for a non-touristy true Sri Lankan experience and are keen to learn more about their culture and cooking tips then this villa is the one for you.

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Апартаменты Feels like Home Helmi, Ювяскюля. Бронирование, отзывы, фото

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Интернет-магазин «GRAVIONIKA» оригинальные игры и игрушки
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Мы рады предложить вам оригинальные SkillToys от официальных производителей.

К SkillToy относятся все игрушки, для освоения которых требуются навык и тренировка. В мире их существует огромное множество, но самые популярные это, конечно же, кистевой тренажер Powerball, американская игрушка Йо-йо (Yo-yo), современная головоломка Neocube и экзотический Бумеранг (Boomerang).

SkillToys – это еще и популярное молодежное направление, включающее в себя такие широко известные развлечения, как Yo-Yo, игра в «сокс», а также более сложные техники: жонглирование, Diablo, FireStaff и другие.
Каждому хочется весело и с пользой проводить свое время. С одной стороны – поддерживать в отличной физической форме тело, с другой – отвлечься от серых будней, расслабиться и поднять себе настроение. Фитнес-центр – дорогое удовольствие, отнимающее много времени. Но ведь хорошо выглядеть хочет каждый!
Тренировка мышц, укрепление суставов, поддержание организма в тонусе…Всего за 15 минут в день? Легко! Именно столько времени достаточно отводить на тренировки с Powerball для достижения желаемого результата.

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